Listening to and Hearing God's Voice:

Is it possible to hear God's voice? Since God is a person, who desires intimacy with those who he calls his friends, then of course it is possible. God wants us to listen to his voice - he created us for that very purpose. In fact, I believe everybody hears God speaking.The real question is - is it possible to learn to reliably recognise God's voice when we are listening for it?

The answer is most definitely YES!

God is not human - God is Spirit. So we would expect that listening to God might be a bit different from listening to another person. But it is not that much different, because humans also are spiritual beings, made in the image of God, and created for communion, and therefore communication, with him. God has built numerous ways into the creation by which we hear him speak. Some of these are:

  • Human conscience
  • Awe of his created world
  • Our spirit can respond to his Spirit
  • He can 'speak' thoughts into our mind
  • The witness of the Holy Spirit - e.g. inner peace
  • He speaks through other people
  • Spiritual gifts, such as prophecy, tongues, interpretation of tongues, wisdom, knowledge, discernment of spirits
  • Dreams and visions
  • His written word, the Bible
  • And the primary revelation of God - his Son Jesus Christ

In addition, God has provided ways for us to test and confirm whether what we are hearing is accurate and if we are really listening to God. This is because His is not the only voice we might hear. We can, of course, listen to our own thoughts, but it is also possible to hear the thoughts of others and of angels and evil spirits.

We have learned a number of effective ways for people to sharpen their spiritual hearing and discernment, For example, did you know that the human imagination is not only intended for us to make things up? Or, did you know that human memory not only recalls information from our past, but it is crucial to our ability to imagine the future?

If you would like to learn more about how to listen to God's voice, and how to check what you hear, then visit the teaching section of this website, or contact us about a course in Hearing God's Voice. We also run courses on Intercession and Spiritual Warefare and Prayer Ministry.

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