Use of the Hearing God's Voice Course

The notes and exercises of this course are copyright 2005-2008 to Malcolm and Diana Dow. However, we are happy for people to use them to learn how to hear God's voice, and to teach other people to learn how to hear God's voice.

The only condition that we place on such use is that we would like to know about it. We would also appreciate a link to this website from your website if you put any of the material online, or if you are able to publicize its availability. Please send us an email outlining where, when and what you plan to do. If we can be of assistance in your use of the course we will do so.

Please be aware that when we run a course in Hearing God's Voice, it involves far more than the notes on this website. It is a very interactive course, requiring practice and feedback between participants and facilitators. The listening2god Google group has been provided to enable ongoing discussion. Please feel free to join it.

If you are interested in us running a course for you, please contact us. Further information on courses run by Beth Tephillah Ministries is available at

May God bless you as you learn to listen to him and come much closer to him in that intimate relationship he desires for all of his children.

Mal and Di Dow

Other Courses:

Beth Tephillah Ministries and Roaring Mouse Counselling run other courses besides the Intimacy with God course.

One of our most popular courses, and the one we recommend people to following this course, is the Intimacy with God course. This course is for those who want together to learn to listen to God at all times and live in close relationship with Him.

We also run courses and seminars on Prayer Ministry and Counselling, Dealling with Dissociation, and Living in the REAL Real World. Other seminars are being developed regularly, and details will appear on our associated websites.